The Arras Urban Community and the groupings of Communes of the Artois and southern Artois Countryside have decided to unify their destiny by creating the SCOTA, in order to write down their common territorial coherence program (SCOT).

This urban planning document guarantees the consistency between the different policies for housing, travels, economical and environmental development…

The agency objectives were to involve the local elected officials and make them want to work together, but also to inform the population and make them participate to this huge project which will have a direct impact on their lives for the next 20 years.

A logo, a graphic line, the website, a pedagogical video clip, an 8-page brochure distributed in 72000 mailboxes, e-mailings and press campaigns, invitations, roll-ups…; events organization and management…this was a part of the challenge well prepared and well run by the agency.